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Hi, I'm Michèle – Welcome to Benefic!  

I recently took a few years off work to spend more time with my family but when the time came to return to my job in television, I felt like doing something completely different. I wanted to feel more connected to the community and learn something I started my own business and launched this brand – and here we are today!

If you’re on this website, you may already be aware of the numerous benefits associated with wearing compression socks but in case you aren’t, here’s a brief summary:  

Compression socks improve circulation, they reduce swelling, soothe tired and achy legs, and reduce recovery time after a workout. Doctors recommend wearing compression socks during travel for the above-mentioned reasons, but also because compression socks help reduce the risk of developing blood clots. I always wear compression socks when I travel or if I am going to be sitting or standing for long periods of time because the compression around my legs feels very soothing.

North Carolina has been an ideal place to launch a compression sock company because the state has a very well-established hosiery sector with lots of experienced and skilled workers. Our products are made with care and quality materials and our entire supply chain is based in North Carolina.

We proudly give back to the community by donating a portion of our sales to Charlotte-area non-profits that help homeless children and their families. Bringing this brand to life has been an amazing experience and I hope you will give our socks a try. 

Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your business and interest.

Benefic was founded in Charlotte, NC in 2018.

Welcome to Benefic!

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